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We have collectively, over 26 years’ experience in Highly Scalable Software Solutions, Web Application Development, Usability, SEO & SEM. Together, we are able to offer you a complete and effective online presence and strategy. We advise you openly and honestly and constantly seek out tailored yet cost effective solutions. We are a dedicated and professional team, focused entirely on your success.

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Web Designer, Web Developer, Usability and SEO Fundi.
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A little bit about me...

Hi there, nice to meet you! I've been designing websites for the past 9 years and have always had a passion for design from a young age. I thought that my career would always involve design, until I started getting my hands dirty in actually creating my websites and getting them to work. I was amazed at how much I loved being involved in the technical aspect and since then, I've had a hunger for creating powerful and dynamic websites.

I thoroughly enjoy focusing on the usability aspect of my web applications. Ensuring that they are quick and easy to use to essentially provide the end user with ultimate satisfaction! The best thing about the web is that it's always changing so it never get's boring. And on that note I'm going to end it there before this gets boring. ;)

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Solution Architect, Software Engineer and SEM Fundi
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Some more about me...

Thinker, coder and web enthusiast, I'm passionate about empowering businesses to realize their true potential. 

I am an absolute fundi when it comes to the web and all it can offer businesses and I thoroughly enjoy developing online platforms for customers and marketing them via SEO and SEM. Seeing results from this medium gives me a kick and the very nature and challenge of getting traffic drives me on and pushes me further each day to find innovative and new ways of attracting new visitors.

Having an extremely technical background and a thorough understanding of business drivers and success factors, I'd love you help you realize your true potential, so give us a shout and let's chat.